Heart Shaped Box for #allhallowsread

I’m celebrating All Hallows Read all month! I had actually put stuff here in the original draft. But here it goes again. The reason I love this book so much was that it was really the first ghost story I had read in a long time that said 100% absolutely, there is a crazy ghost trying to kill the main character without leaving it up to the reader’s interpretations.

The first 3/4 of this book was amazing. I loved every paragraph and the ghost really did scare me good. Once he left the safety of the house I was less enthralled with it and the ending was, well, an ending, but for a book that keeps you jumping at creaks from the floor board for at least a month after reading it, I can’t recommend this enough. Especially since I read it and Steven King’s latest one at the same time and this book, hands down, was so much better. The eye thing with the ghost was freaking amazing.

153025Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill: Aging, self-absorbed rock star Judas Coyne has a thing for the macabre — his collection includes sketches from infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy, a trepanned skull from the 16th century, a used hangman’s noose, Aleister Crowley’s childhood chessboard, etc. — so when his assistant tells him about a ghost for sale on an online auction site, he immediately puts in a bid and purchases it.

The black, heart-shaped box that Coyne receives in the mail not only contains the suit of a dead man but also his vengeance-obsessed spirit. The ghost, it turns out, is the stepfather of a young groupie who committed suicide after the 54-year-old Coyne callously used her up and threw her away. Now, determined to kill Coyne and anyone who aids him, the merciless ghost of Craddock McDermott begins his assault on the rocker’s sanity

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