Perfect Circle for #allhallowsread

I’m celebrating All Hallows Read all month! I’ve got two books by Sean Stewart that we picked up at the same time, this one and Mockingbird, defined by the blurb as “a novel of voodoo, pregnancy, and Houston.” It’s also good, but this one is creepier. A broken protagonist, complicated family relationships, southern American setting, ghosts and vengeance. What’s not to love?

Stewart PERFECT CIRCLE coverPerfect Circle by Sean Stewart: William “”Dead”” Kennedy has problems. He’s haunted by family, by dead people with unfinished business, and by those perfect pop songs that you can’t get out of your head. He’s a 32-year-old Texan still in love with his ex-wife. He just lost his job at Pet-Co for eating cat food. His air-conditioning is broken, there’s no good music on the radio, and he’s been dreaming about ghost roads. When Will’s cousin (“”My dad married your Aunt Dot’s half-sister””) calls in the middle of the night about a dead girl haunting his garage, it seems like an easy way to make a thousand dollars. But nothing is ever that simple, especially when family is involved. Will’s mother is planning a family reunion of epic proportions. Will’s ex-wife is married to a former Marine. His twelve-year-old daughter Megan thinks Will needs someone to look after him. And recently his dead relatives seem to want something from him.




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