First drafts shouldn’t be shared outside of family

Black Shades is off to lines. I have many fine qualities as a writer, but tight, ready to be published prose off hot copy first draft will never, ever be one of them. Red Lettering burst out of me because the deadline was four days from its inception but I try never to do that. It emerged fully formed down to the motivations of the character which is where I make my most changes. The story took three rounds of content edits before it was ready for lines because I had written it in four days and sent it off. Luckily Christie and Kris found the story engaging enough to forgive the rough edges around it.

Black Shades still only took four days to write, but I spent a week and a half polishing it and rewriting it to stand on its own. I love it even more than the first book. The main characters started out as being sarcastically antagonistic toward each other when that wasn’t needed or necessary. Any one who is threatened by someone’s dead lover, even if they’re playing the role of all four Christmas ghosts in your own personal Christmas Carol, had more issues than I wanted to deal with. If Peter didn’t really love Colin, it would have been a really short story. The file name started out as “peters-bitching.doc” and ended up “peters-very-good-point.doc.”

I got ambushed by a vampire novel in the mountains and want to throw all my efforts into that, but first edits on Middle Hill book 1.5, then Coral 2 – No Mortal Business, then Dome, a first draft SF novel I want to overhaul. But nanowrimo is coming up, so maybe I’ll save the vampire story for then. Masters of the Lines created a method of tearing the heart out of an elder vampire to become a vampire 2.0 (No, they don’t sparkle but they have flames that look like tattoos tearing up their arms from their finger tips to their hearts.) I don’t know if that’s much better.

Middle Hill was supposed to be complete id fic and I missed the mark totally by saying something about the justice system sticking it to wounded kids the day after they turn eighteen as though now, suddenly they’re supposed to be able to deal with their crap filled lives. Blood Moon won’t be much more than pretty boys on their knees. This time for sure.

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