Standing ribs in a pot

When you’re staying in a holiday condo it’s a wild guess what cooking implements you have. Elisabeth and I cooked ribs last night in a tight fitting metal pot and a lid. We stood the rack on its side and added a cup or so of water and a quartered onion. We poured commercial bbq sauce over the top. It was nice and thick and ran down both sides well, but I would add enough so that a cheaper sauce would do the same.

We baked it at 275 for six hours added a cup of wine in the last two hours and then let it sit out of the oven in the liquid for 20 minutes while the sweet potatoes finished on the grill.

More, fresh sauce on the meat side then five minutes on the grill to tighten the meat off. I thought it was done but Elisabeth wanted to grill the sauced side for a minute on a low flame so as not to incinerated the sugary sauce.

Fall off the bone bbq ribs that didn’t need to be boiled. Once upon a time I would have eaten a rack myself but the one side divides nicely into three healthy portions. We served with sweet potatoes and salted cucumbers.

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