Checking into Sodom is gone!

I hate naming stories. I have an unpaid amazing story naming person in my life, but I started writing full-time and my productivity went through the roof. She can’t always keep up with me, so now if I want to name something, sometimes I have to do it myself.

My working titles almost never make it into the final version, but that’s a good things. No one would buy a romance called ZOMG ZOMBIES!!! (Pulse) or PONIES!!! (every book or story I’ve written, finished or unfinished, with horses in it) with the exclamation points as part of the title. Cy Gets a Sex Demon was the working title and stuck, but that was only because the phrase was the theme and the plot all rolled into one.

I usually aim for one word titles like Castoffs, Lineage or Coda. Other times I use the the lesser known part of a proverb or quote or rewording them slightly like Coral Were his Bones or No Mortal Business. Other titles come from a line of dialogue that just seems to sum up the whole thing.

“Checking into Sodom” was from a line of dialogue where a main character said that his sister had gone out west to go live her lesbian life style in Gomorrah. It was just a matter of time before he checked into Sodom. Considering the story was about a guy who desperately wanted to have sex he didn’t even have standards in mind but was thrilled the person he chose at random was gentle and kind with him. It just fit.

Naming never gets any easier, but I’m happy with all my titles.

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