My dreams are getting better at fooling me

I have two stress dreams. The first is that my wife leaves me and I can’t win her back. Those suck. The second is that the university who gave me my degree screwed up and I have to go back to high school or university and either complete the whole thing or just a year out of both and I fail at either miserably.

They suck and I hate them, but over the past couple months my brain lately has really been upping its ‘you suck’ game. It’s not that I dream what I’m dreaming while I’m dreaming it, I also dream that I got the letter taking back my degree or that my partner has left me before I went to sleep that night.

Lately, my dream has been ‘letting me wake up” in my dream while still dreaming and in the part of the dream when I’m awake, I’m still dreaming that my degree is worthless or that my wife has left me while I’m in my bed. So I both dream that I’ve been single/without a degree for months before my dream starts and when I “wake up” it continues to be true.

I wrote a story about how childhood fears pale in comparison to adult worries, but these nightmares are ten times worse than zombies being on the porch and you don’t remember if you’d locked the back door or not.

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