Back in print, with a freebie!

I am happy to say that my older Angela Fiddler novellas are back in print!

The Devil You Know – originally published by Loose Id in 2008, this one is high fantasy, which is what most of what I wrote for original fiction before I started Castoffs. I read it over again before re-releasing it, and I hadn’t read this story since the original final round of edits.  Reading it through, I was actually surprised at how much I liked it. I know that sounds stupid, but I was dealing with a lot of issues just before I stopped writing for three years. The magic and the music in this world drew me in.Buy from Amazon or Smashwords.

Gift of the Raven – Set in the same world as the Master of the Lines series, this story was originally published in the vampire collection Blood Claim from MLR in 2008. Random facts: the haunted house in the story is a real restaurant in a historic house in Calgary, is actually supposed to be haunted (although the vortex is debatable), has fantastic biscuits for brunch, and my wife and I got married there. No ghosts or vampires made a guest appearance at our wedding–that we noticed. I love setting books in cities that I know quite well.Cory maybe a bit of a bastard, but I love him. At the moment, I’ve put it up as a free download on Smashwords, but Amazon won’t let me do freebies.

Forgotten Favor – I have had more than one story over the years with the working title “ponies.” This was one of them. Originally published in the cowboy anthology Studs and Spurs from MLR Press in 2009.  Forgotten Favor was the first story that I really married my two loves, horses and smut. There are a lot of real life experience that I pumped into the story. I did not actually get brained in the head by a horse’s back hoof, but I’d been walking up to a horse name Socks from behind, I felt the air move, and I looked up to see the V part of his foot we call the frog about six inches away from my face. If I’d been half a step closer, I would have gotten brained. I wrote this not as a way to rewrite the ending of Brokeback Mountain, but to give the other side of it. The side where if you can accept who you are, you are going to be happier. Buy from Amazon or Smashwords.

The Bright Side of Midnight – originally published in Space Escapes from MLR Press in 2009.  I wrote the line in one of my vampire stories that the humans were still on the bright side of midnight and so were unafraid, and I loved the phrase so much I made it into its own short story. The book I wrote in 2012, Dome, is going to be a part of this world somehow, I just don’t know how yet. Buy from Amazon (link coming later today) or Smashwords.

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