Changeling’s cover and genesis

When I started writing again back in 2012, I wanted to tell stories that gutted people, but in a good way. By March of 2013, I found the exact pace, voice and story I wanted to tell. From page one, Matt and his brother just felt like real people. I absolutely love this story, and I absolutely love the cover for it.

It’s weird that Changeling is coming out after The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons and Coral Were His Bones because I wrote Changeling first. Go, pre-order it now while it’s 20% off. The other two are on sale now, too, but if there is one book I’d want anyone to read, it would be Changeling.

I wrote three books in 2012. One of them I rewrote at the start of 2013, the last book I wrote before Changeling, but the other two were just clearing my throat. I want to say more about practice novels and tweaking fiction (which is a lot better than twerking fiction, because that would just be weird) but both of those would need a whole new post. For now, just look at the pretty!Changeling

The cover artist is Fiona Jayde. It’s the best cover I’ve had since the Master of the Lines books.

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