Playing god with words

I love writing. I was a very angry child, and I used the stories I was writing from pre-puberty all the way to high school to vent out some of my frustration. In book two of my second trilogy, one of the characters has their horse murdered as a deliberate act of retribution. So the character brought the murderer up to the top of one of his towers, gutted him, looped some intestines over the stonework, and pushed him over the edge.

I’m still going to use that somewhere. 

The older I get, though, the more I realize what a tool writing can be used for. In the Fae language, tone changes the word meanings so that it is very difficult to lie. There is no word for sex that can be used to describe rape. It is not a perfect world — the first person who assaulted Matt was a Fae high up in the court, but you don’t blame the victim in the Fae world any more than you would blame the murder or the robbery victim.

I guess I’m still upset, but the writing helps soothe old pain. 

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