Third selkie song: The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry

To celebrate the release of my new book, Coral Were His Bones, I’m going to be posting a month’s worth of things about selkies. Coral is a m/m paranormal erotica novel about Finn, a selkie who’s in love with his childhood sweetheart Devon, but bound in a magical contract to a cruel master. It’s a story of modern magic, snark, sex, and how to heal when everything hurts. 

More folk music today with The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry. You might have seen some references to the song in the folklore links I was posting last week, like this one. The first link will take you to fantasy author Katherine Langrish’s blog, and there’s a video of the Joan Baez version towards the end. (Gotta say, I do like Joan Baez.)  There are a lot of different renditions and variations out there.

Folk tales figure prominently in Katherine Langrish’s own books, and she has a great series of guest posts with notable fantasy authors talking about fairy tales that mean something to them personally. There is a post by Megan Whalen Turner. I love her Thief books with the heat of a thousand burning suns. Read them. But do not read the description of the second book until you’ve read the first, or the third book until you’ve read the second, because spoilers abound. Seriously. I mailed copies to one of my best friends wrapped in brown paper and labelled so she wouldn’t spoil herself accidentally. But I digress.

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