Seventh thing about selkie folklore: selkie descendants

To celebrate the release of my new book, Coral Were His Bones, I’m going to be posting a month’s worth of things about selkies. Coral is a m/m paranormal erotica novel about Finn, a selkie who’s in love with his childhood sweetheart Devon, but bound in a magical contract to a cruel master. It’s a story of modern magic, snark, sex, and how to heal when everything hurts. 

We’re back to Scottland for our last day of folklore links, with a bit of history thrown into the mix.If you’re from Clan MacPhee/MacFie, tradition has it that you may be descended from Selkies. There’s some more at this site about the children of selkies, too. Selkies, human parents, and bloodlines play into the Tempest series, but show up more in the upcoming second and third books than in Coral.

And a bonus Scottish folk story, The Selkie Bride is typical of the tragedy of selkie stories–a fisherman, a stolen skin, and children left behind.

Coming up next–selkies in music!

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