Third thing about selkie folklore: Scottish storytellers

To celebrate the release of my new book, Coral Were His Bones, I’m going to be posting a month’s worth of things about selkies. Coral is a m/m paranormal erotica novel about Finn, a selkie who’s in love with his childhood sweetheart Devon, but bound in a magical contract to a cruel master. It’s a story of modern magic, snark, sex, and how to heal when everything hurts. 

The internet is awesome–in all sorts of ways, but in this particular case, I’m thinking of how I can watch someone on another continent tell a story that’s hundreds of years old.

Education Scotland and the Scottish Storytelling Centre have put together some video and audio recordings of storytellers telling traditional folktales. Today, you can listen to two different selkies stories in the form that preserved them over the centuries, told out loud to an audience with A Selkie Story and MacCodram and his Seal Wife.


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