New book release day!

Coral were his Bones is live!

Finn lives in a world where you’re only allowed to trade away your own life. Finn has been in love with Devon for years, but Things Went Bad. Coral were his Bones has selkies (note the plural), the young man who lives next door, a shark in a grey suit that holds a grudge for lost eye and a deal that pits the only free day Finn has each year against a plan that isn’t even fully formed yet.

I’m very happy with The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons. It tells the story where maintaining the relationship is as much work as falling in love in a paranormal world, but Coral were his Bones is the kind of book I can proudly use my name.

So if you like my stuff, here’s what you can do. Obviously, buy the book if you can afford it. But also, it helps if you leave a review or rating on Good Reads, LibraryThing, Shelfari, and/or your local flavour of Amazon or other online bookstore. And the best advertising is always word of mouth. If you know someone else who you think would like the book, tell them! I’m hoping the sequel will come out later this year.

Have fun with Finn and Devon. I know I did!

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