More good news

I have some great news to share. I did everything they tell you not to do and quit my job to write full time as of 2012. I wrote a lot in that year, but nothing that really spoke to me. In 2013, on March 23, I was supposed to be writing an idfic kidfic.

The trilogy didn’t take long to write. In 2012, I had to force myself to want to write. Most nights I didn’t really get settled down to write until after eleven o’clock at night. Trying to keep a regular schedule with my partner who worked a M-F 9-5 job wasn’t very easy. I’d just be in the swing of things and it would be time to write. Starting in January of 2013, I couldn’t stop myself from writing.

My nanowrimo that year was supposed to be another idfic, but as I sat down to write, out popped my old fantasy from 2005, the year before Castoffs sold. It wasn’t a good fit for the nanowrimo format, but it was what I wanted to write, and so write it I did.

The final product wasn’t great. It took me two months to write the hundred thousand words the story it took. I took the next two months, January and February, to completely rewrite it without ever once referring back to the draft I’d written for the nano.

I had finished it mid-March, and by March 23, I was working on my Promises in Pain series with my idfic kidfic. Little did I know it was going to be so much more

I’m thrilled to say the book has been picked up by Loose Id as well, to go with the The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons and Tempest Book 1: Coral were his Bones. Considering its all one interconnected world, not letting Loose Id have it would have meant making a lot of references that just wouldn’t have been understood had there been two different publishing houses.

I’m so thrilled. I had every intention of publishing the books I wrote in 2013 is the order they were written in, but such is life when the opposite is what actually happened. Changeling touched me and changed how I wrote. I hope everyone who reads it falls as much in love with the characters as I have.  

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