Cy Gets a Sex Demon On Sale!

I’ve been hard at work working on the rewrite to the sequel to Coral, so I’ve let this week slip away. It’s the last week that The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons is this week’s new release.

I love this story so much. It’s not a boy-meets-boy story, it’s a relationships are hard work, but worth it even if you’re stopping world-ending events. Your lover is more than just the person who makes your life easier. They’re the one that makes waking up in the morning an exciting process.

I’ve decided to put the prequel to the world, Cy Gets a Sex Demon on sale. Use code AN59N at Smashwords to get 25% off. I love the cover to The Care and Feeding, but Cy Gets a Sex Demon’s cover knocks the first one out of the park. Kneeling, chains and contractual obligations. It’s an urban fantasy with sex rather than an erotica like the sequel, but I still think it’s cute and funny.


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