I should say: hot, clever, and funny relationships are hard work

The thrill of the chase is an easy story to tell. Maybe not the individual stories themselves, but the brain pattern of how and exciting is always more rewarding than familiar and comfortable. Cy and his boyfriend have been together for five years in a carefully constructed relationship where the next level requires more work than Cy knows how to put into someone else.

Cy learning how to want and give more to his relationship is as much part of the plot as the murderously starving sex demons. The question isn’t does he love his boyfriend, it’s do they love each other enough to be worth the sacrifice. I hope you enjoy that story as much as boy-meets-boy. It’s the first time I’ve looked at how many dashes the story would need to tell the boy-does-something format and I decided not to do it, and I’ve put a lot of dashes in sentences in my life.

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