Putting the Master of the Lines series back into print

When I read for pleasure, I read for characters. The Master of the Lines series was the first book I had ever tried to write characters that were larger than life. All of them emerged practically fully formed and stuffed full at every corner with snark, kneeling and chains. I had so much fun writing them.

There is a sixth book in the series. I’m hoping to be done it by May. Returning to this world was like slipping on your favourite spring-time coat because the weather has finally turned and finding twenty dollars in the pocket when you are just starting to think you want a coffee.

The new covers look amazing. (Thanks, Wicked Smart Designs!

Start with Lineage.


One comment

  1. Thank you so much! I went and purchased these as soon as I got your email, and am looking forward to reading them over the weekend. Now I just need to keep up with your other books as they come out, and hope that your other out of print titles become available soon as well!

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