Cobbled old posts and year end counts

I’ve been patching together my various writing updates on my other blog. I’m sorry for the spam.

It’s 2013 and I’ve been writing as my job for the past two years. I would have loved to say I’d published a book in that time, but I missed 2013 by a couple weeks. The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons will be available January 15, 2014.

I wrote three books in 2012 and I don’t think any of them were ready to be sold. I didn’t really hit my stride until the start of the year.

In January and February I rewrote the book I wrote for the nanowrimo. It’s a lot closer to being there, but not there yet.

March I wrote the first have of the sixth vampire book, rebooting the series. I was going to do Camp Nanowrimo in April so I was sketching out some character stuff when the opening to a book. The characters just struck a note with me. By the end of April I finished the first book and started the second. May I rewrote the first book after finishing the sequel, June I started book three. I rewrote a lot of what I had already written in July. The three books that I had finished I’d rewritten them all from the studs on up.

August I contacted my old editor and sold the Tempest trilogy on spec, so August and September I was busy writing the first two books.

October was a slow month. We went on vacation and I didn’t write at all for the first two weeks, but then I got back, deleted the second half of book three and rewrote it. What I thought was 50,000 words was actually 107,000 words, so book three is a bloated 157,000 words long. I thought it was weirdly long at 400 pages but never actually looked at the word count.

November was Nanowrimo. I wrote, rewrote, sold and finished the edits by December 16th.

December I’m not writing anything in particular, but the Fae King’s book 4 somehow got to be 50,000 words.

When I added it all up, it comes to just over three quarters of a million words. My ideal scenario was to take eighteen months off and have 4-5 books finished in the hopper so I would have plenty of time to let a book cool before editing it but always having that next book ready to go. It took two years, not a year and a half, but I’m so happy with the results. I’m not a writer who takes pleasure in having written. I love the process of writing. I love plotting by the “I’m bored, I’m going to throw in some X” method.

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