Back from the undead

In April of 2012, I wrote a letter of resignation to the job that was supposed to let me write and work at the same time. After three years of not writing at all, I decided that I was going to have to make a change.

As of today, I’m very excited to say that my next couple books will probably be coming out through Loose Id. I’m also hard at work trying to get my back library up available to purchase. Hopefully there will be a lot more news to follow.


  1. Hi Angela;

    One more thing – was there ever the backstory on Marcus and Luke from the Gift of the Raven? I feel like a read it – but maybe I just imagined it in more detail…



    1. Hello!

      No, sadly, Gift of the Raven was just a one-off. I do that all the time, though, remembering bits of the story I’ve just dreamed as though it actually had happened.

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