fairness quotes


“Certain steps”

Another department responsible for explaining policies to students:

The equity and Inclusion office states they also interpret policies for students:

Unless the student is complaining about a very senior officer of the institution:

A lack of a department that can advocate for a single case involving a student is 99.98% of the problem. No union rep works for the student as they would for an employee. Having one student against an entire institution is the definition of unfair unless they come pre-installed with institutional policy knowledge.


That “objective” perspective was people with COIs should be able to decide matters regarding it:

the institution’s Ombuds office agreed provosts may do what they want, ethically or otherwise:

Words, words, words:

Obviously, the Senate has the power to overturn a Provost’s decision:

“Accountability” is one of the institution’s supposed values:

Fairness is supposed to be important to officers by definition:

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