Things about me, March edition

First off, I got my sock monkey! (That being something not necessarily related to writing that you need to, well, start writing.) Laptop depot was having an opening party and I picked up an ibook for what a good netbook would cost. It’s not going to win any speed contests, but it runs scrivener like a hot thing that’s really too hot to touch but the oven mitt is just a little too far away so you end up blowing on your fingers and jumping around once you pick it up and move it. Yeah, just like that. I’m still typing this entry on my tablet. Caffrey is a word processor.

Secondly, Wrecked sold to Loose Id! Hurray! I don’t know when it’s coming out, but Judi says soon!


    1. Hi Christa,

      Unfortunately, Wrecked is in limbo due to health issues (mine, not the book’s!) right now, so I don’t know. I am hopeful that it will see the light of day hopefully sonner than later, though! Thanks for your comment!


  1. Hi Angela; Still waiting… I just re read Cy, Gift of the Raven, and Pulse – great, but the electrons are getting worn out. Just wanted you to know that you’re missed. – C

  2. I just discovered your writing through a recommendation on Megan Derr’s livejournal. I found a couple of your books on All Romance Ebooks, but I didn’t see any of the Master of the Lines books, or Cy Gets a Sex Demon; I also couldn’t find them at the publisher sites. I noticed that Castoffs is available for free, and have already started reading it, but do you plan to republish the others in the future, or are they available somewhere else? I would really like to finish the series, and try a few of your other titles. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      I am planning to re-release all of my older books sometime in the next year. I am happy to say that I also have several new books on the go, and am querying publishers right now. Thanks for your interest!


      1. That’s wonderful! I’ll keep an eye out for them, so I can get them as soon as they come out. I look forward to your new works, as well. Thank you for sharing your talent!

        1. Hi Jennifer,

          I’m happy to say that the four books of my Master of the Lines series that have been out of print are now available! You can get them from Smashwords, and they should also be up on Amazon sometime in the next few days.

          i’m going to email you a coupon for 50% off Lineage on Smashwords, Enjoy!

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