Go Cy!

In any given novel, I may use 4-5 exclamation points in the whole thing — in dialogue only, of course — but for some strange reason 83% of all my posts have an exclamation point in it.  (I use that made up statistic out of my new-found love of How I Met Your Mother, and not from any statistical data that may or may not have been gathered, in true Barney Stinson style)

But Cy’s gotten a fab review, see here and has made it onto Amber Quill’s top ten best seller list for December, which is awesome because it was released in November so the first wave of must-buy-on-week-of-release didn’t count for it.

So thank you if you’ve bought a copy. If not, there’s still time! It will only be available for the next two years!

(see? That’s three exclamation posts in the same post! GAH! FIVE! SIX!…I’d better stop now)

One comment

  1. Loved Cy Gets a Sex Demon. Will there be a second book, if when could we expect it?
    Thank for a great read

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