I suck at them.  Really, really suck at them.

A good friend named all the vampire books and the series itself.  She should have had to, the books were written for her as a birthday present.  Well, the first one.  The rest followed a young henchman named Vision who was a minor character, at best, in her birthday present.  She’s a total Janus-freak.  Me, give me the push/pull relationship between Vision and Hanz any, any, any day.

So, yeah.  She’s always been my namer.  If it were up to me, Pulse would have gone to the press as ZOMG ZOMBIES!!! and the Vampire Regency Rent Boys would be in a fairly fancy font.  I’m not entirely sold on the name ‘Wrecked’ as a full novel. It was about the only thing that remained from the original 18,000 word short story that didn’t start, go anywhere or end well.

Cy Gets a Sex Demon was the only working title I think I’ve ever kept from start to finish.

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