Cy Gets a Sex Demon

Cy Gets a Sex Demon coming out November 29th, and the print version will come out 2-3 weeks after that. Yay! I have so much love for Cy. It’s set in Calgary, but in a Calgary where the water building across from the Stampede grounds is the evil world empire headquarters (a fact we squee about everytime we drive past it to the girl’s mom and dad) and put a demon brothel under the Korean restaurant on 11th. Really, though, it’s the fact that Chicken on the Way’s french fries taste good even when they are cold that puts this into the urban fantasy genre, and not the sidhe, Pan or the fact that you just can’t lie to Cy. 🙂

I’ve been mad at work on Wrecked, and I’m so thrilled to say everything is tied up in it but for the boys just one last time.  With Cy finding a home and Wrecked moving from the WIP pile to WIR, I can start on my Vampire Regency Rent Boys.  Because, really, the world needs more of those.


  1. I’ve missed your writing for sure. Especially your vamps, looking forward to this book also. I still hope Jinx and Kane get their own story as well 🙂

    1. They will! I’m going to do a regency vamp thing first. I don’t know if I’ll be strong enough to keep Kane and Jinx as the main character when Vision and Hanz are in the same world.

      Thanks so much, though. Cy has a lot of the snark that the vamps do, even being mortal…mostly. 🙂

      1. Regency vampires sounds very interesting. Ah, but you have too as much as I love Hanz and Vision, they’ve had their limelight. Jinx and Kane need to get their spotlight 🙂

        When is the book being released? Or do you know? Is it through MLR?

  2. I’d love a story about Kane and Jinx, too. And I certainly wouldn’t object if it included more of Vision and Hanz. And more. And more.

  3. Hello,
    I just wanted to say that I loved Lineage and am now purchasing the rest of the series. I wish I could get Castoffs on my Sony reader though. Also, as a suggestion, I would love to see you on Goodreads. A good way to build your fan base. I honestly bought your books because some on there suggested it and your covers are hot.
    Wishing you many sales :),

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