Conventions, yay!

Con-Version was great! It started out rough, what with the car breaking down and the diesel leak across all of Deerfoot, shutting it down to not even a crawl, I ended up being 7 minutes late for my panel with Tanya Huff on GLBT characters in spec fic. It rocked.

The erotica panel afterward was fun, too.

Saturday and Sunday were a blur of bestest friends ever and con buddies of yore. And there were some panels.

I am one scene away from finishing Wrecked and on the way back from Con, I went from OMG, brain empty, no more stories! to a fantastic plot and characters OMG, can’t wait to finish Wrecked to start. Then, after I pitched it to my editor, I got an email back from the editor who had Cy Gets a Sex Demon and it sold!

I’ll have to finish Regency Vampire Rent-Boys (actually for once, just a working title) before working on The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons and Only Sex Demons Can Prevent Forest Fires.

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