We spent the day sorting out the computer room, and we’re mostly done the queer piles of ‘stuff’ that seems to be an unequal mix of OMFG V. V. Important/Oh, I was Looking for That/Junk. Most of the last stuff were piles of writing, either in notebooks or legal pads that was almost all prior to 2005 original writing. Groan. It’s bad. All of it. Just glancing at it throws half a dozen errors with just looking at the words rather than reading the sentences. Bad characterizations, wit that is an excellent example of how to write bad wit, and sparkly bronze ink. WTF? I don’t get it. I can still go back and re-read my fanfic of this era without cringing too badly, what is it about original fic that is just so awful? I’ve trashed it. It was oddly liberating, like the scene from Emily of New Moon when Emily burns all her stories that weren’t good enough from the year before. Not a bad idea, that.

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