Last bit of Amazon-You-Suck

I think I have a gazillion tabs open. It’s slowing Ronon right down to a crawl. I’m resisting the urge to go work on Dresden, but only because my chair is already set up. I slept the whole night last night, for the first time in days, so I’m feeling a bit groggy. But part of my dream was the chair my baddie is going to be sitting in in the next scene I have to write. It’s going to have handles on the arms of it. No, they’re not for him.

After the long sleep, I still see Amazonfail. I can get over the everything gay being offensive being a glitch, a bad one, but a glitch, but I can’t forgive the early emails notifying amazonfail of the issue, only to be told that the public needed to be protected from seeing gay titles in their searches and their lists.

That the very titles of gay books (and maybe even the book cover, if the public clicks through!) are offensive enough that the poor public could be in jeopardy just by seeing them with their very own eyes is offensive.

The whole bloody thing is offensive. Amazon failed long before amazonfail.

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