I don’t get it


I just can’t wrap my brain around the religious right. Why are they asking the world to babysit their children? Just the idea that someone or a whole lot of someones thought that they can just get away with this amount of censorship in today’s world…

…well, I guess they did get away with it, so there goes that thought.

Regardless, the worst part is it’s not just the stuff like my erotica being stripping away, deleting, and doing their best not to promote. Some of the books that are actually het erotica are being stripped because their publishers also publish gay erotica. A lot of books are simply about being gay.

Why? Making it harder to find gay books will not get rid of gay people. Passing marriage amendments will not get rid of gay people. Making homosexual acts illegal on pain of death will not get rid of gay people.

These little victories by the narrow minded bigots who can’t accept the fact that their hatred of ‘other’ is making them appear loonier and crazier the more steps forward true equality takes.

Also, we’re done with Amazon. Chapters.ca should have a better fiscal year.

ETA: Amazon Rank.

I’m returning the books I ordered last month. I’ll be reordering them from Chapters or McNally. It’s not the books fault I ordered them from either homophobic assholes or a company too weak to stand up to a threat of boycott.

I hope there are more people who hate bigots than there are people who hate gay people and the “gay lifestyle.”

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