Me: 1 Best Buy: 0

Guess what I did on Thursday? I drove into town in order to sign off on the officially dead tablet and replaced it with a 32″ LCD television and some extra credit to boot. They finally called to say the laptop was not able to be fixed, and since I had replaced the tablet in January, I got store credit. Yay! I looked at the big 42″ inch screens, but we have a small living room.

And also: Writing FTW! I’m plotting out the big fantasy novel, but trying to get Wrecked done at the same time. Cy Gets a Sex Demon is in the first round of edits, so that will be cropping up soon, too. Right now, I’m just ga-ga over Wrecked. In any other thing I’ve ever done, they would have fucked like bunnies while together! solving crimes! but this time I’m bringing the romance along slowly while they’re figuring out how together! they are while they’re solving crimes. I’m calling it a sign of maturation.

Writing! New television! Credit for future Wii games! Really, it’s all good.

Except for my arm.

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