Best Buy, the continuing saga…

Well, we took the broken tablet back to best buy yesterday. I drove 4 hours and I swear to god my arm almost fell off. I drove there because it was the morning and my arm doesn’t really start to ache until the afternoon, and then I drove back because the conditions were worse than when we left. By the time we hit the end of the freeway turning East, the conditions were pretty much white-out. We almost stopped in Fort McLeod for the night, and if we’d been listening to the radio we probably would have, because the road conditions had gone from good for winter too very poor with zero visibility in sections. I really had to trust the road was still there almost a quarter of the drive, but we took it pretty steady until we got about 15 klicks out of town.

There had been an accident. A truck pulling a trailer had gone over and the trailer had pretty much destroyed the back end of the truck. But it was still able to pull the huge-assed thing once they got it right side up again, so that was pretty impressive. Of course, if there is going to be an accident 15 kilometres from your home town, you have to pee. The two go together like snow storms and zero visibility.

In other news, still haven’t heard anything back from Cy Gets a Sex Demon. Have not yet resorted to the jumping up and down, throwing self to floor and wailing ‘whyyyyyyyy???’, but the urge is there. Will be working on the sequel, The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons. It will be most excellent.

In other, other news, have joined new critique group. Must have tablet back before can start sequel novel. Also, a sock monkey will be nice.

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