Daiyuki storm

When I was living in Japan, I came home from Christmas in January one year, and it was snowing. But it was one of those one storm storm in a hundred years type snow storm (dai=big and yuki=snow). In order to get from home town to home town, I needed to drive three hours, take three planes, a train and then another 45 minute drive home, but it didn’t really start snowing until I reached my car to drive.

The snow started as a light fall, but by the time I got within about 20 klicks of my town, I was too afraid to continue. I stopped at the neighbouring town at a friend’s house. I waded to the house up to my knees in snow. Another friend doing the same thing stopped as well about twenty minutes later, and the snow was mid thigh. By the time we got up and going the next morning, both cars were gone, the snow had piled about a foot past their roofs. It took an hour to uncover them.

Yeah. The snow this year is kind of like that. Either that, or we’ve somehow died and the snow is keeping us inside the house in some sort of weird Canadian version of the movie The Others.

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