Martian Death Flu and Best Buy Must Die

Martian Death Flu. I had it. Wiped out most of Christmas from eve to boxing, but managed to make my way in on Boxing Day to Best Buy to pick up my laptop. Only to have it still not work.

Well, it works when it’s just turned on, but once it heats up and the fan works, the pen goes pretty much out the window. And the double clicking is pretty much taking your chances.

So, I’m annoyed. That’s putting it mildly. Season 4 of Supernatural has soothed me somewhat, but I’m going to have to risk death to drive into the city *again* to drop it off. Which sucks, and not in the happy, fun way.

In other news, theBoom headset is all that and more, so hopefully I can start dictating in the meantime. I participated in a chat that said writers should write every day, but that doesn’t work for me. I write a lot, then take a month off, then write a lot, then take a month off. So, really, I’m writing on average 2000 words a day, but not continually. Without inspiration, writing is just flat. I need to see how the pieces come together, and that takes time. My hat’s off for those people who can actually write consistently and brilliantly at the same time, but I think how many times I get stymied until I realized that X can’t happen because Y is a Q and his sister has to N before H happens.

But that’s me.

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