Gah! Best Buy! What is wrong with your head???

So, the tablet story has turned epic.

As do most of my stories. I don’t think it’s me. I think it’s them.

The tablet was supposed to be shipped to me. Yay! Win one for the customer! Only…I got a call yesterday, six days after it was supposed to be shipped saying, ‘yeah, it’s still here. You coming to pick it up or what?’.

I could feel the pulse point in my temple starting to throb.

The manager I spoke to said that I didn’t send the paperwork necessary for them to ship it until Thursday. When I told him to check the date stamp on the fax, he’d see it had been Monday morning, first thing, he actually admitted that it was his fault nothing had been done.

But we’re going into the city on Wednesday, so if it is shipped to me it will probably pass me on the road. I’d never dealt with Best Buy’s aftercare, the one time I had something go screwy from Best Buy, I dealt directly with the manufacturer, not the store. I can’t believe the aftercare has been this shoddy.

In other news…the new story won’t start with a sex scene. It will start with an almost sex scene, then an intense power scene, but no sex.

Same with the other side of the story. I’m all about balance.

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