Go Prodigals!

Prodigals right now is my best selling book I have on Fictionwise. I have to say, of all my stuff, Prodigals has to be my favourite. I think because as much as I love Vision and Hanz, their lives together are all about maintaining the status quo. They’ll still fight the baddies when the baddies are dumb enough to stick their heads out enough for Vision to lop off, he’ll still be exasperated by Janus’s “Leadership”, and there will still be plenty of over the desk sex. But when Vision is ready to retire from his lines and hand control over, Hanz won’t take over from him but retire with him and whomever they have groomed together will take over.

Kane and Jinx are still so full of unknown. Anything can, and will happen to them. It’s more exciting.

But Coda does have a lot of Vision-suffering. So, maybe it’s a tie. 🙂 And I should mention in a display of gross commercialism that there is a 40% off sale at fictionwise


  1. I’m so pleased for you. This is one series I’ll always go back to re-read. I adore Vision and Hanz, and patiently wait for Jinx’s and Kane’s story one day. 😉

  2. Thank you so much. Vision and Hanz were a break through with me. I can’t tell you how much fun I had with them. Kane and Jinx will be back, the new series I’m starting now will have Jinx’s backstory in the second book and then Kane will continue it with him.

    Not that I’ve ever successfully planned that far ahead in anything I’ve done before. But that’s the master plan. 🙂

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