I slept 12 hours last night. From nine p.m. to nine a.m. I woke to the girl’s alarm clock, but it seemed I blinked between the alarm clock going off and her coming in to kiss me good-bye. I feel a lot better, although slightly disappointed that TheBoom (and sorry about the bad link last time) won’t be delivered until Monday. Curse you, small Albertan city for being so far from Calgary! *shakes fist*

I think I want to write this afternoon. Well, write or experiment with a whole-wheat sourdough starter. Maybe both, maybe not. But since the desire to know whether the whole wheat would retard the yeast’s growth enough that you’re not a slave to the sourdough’s need to grow and devour Tokyo is slightly more than the need to know why Finn has to have sex with the alpha selkie, suppose the sourdough will win.

This time.

*dramatic pause*

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