Never trust a word you can’t easily make plural.

I’m working on Cy Gets a Sex Demon, and everything is going absolutely fantastic. I’ve gotten the last scene pretty much scetched out, something I don’t normally do but since it’s the equivalent of a game of three card monte, I had to make sure I knew where the Queen was the whole time.

So I get to it.  Oddly enough, it comes a bit earlier (about 8,000 words) before I thought it will.  I hear this happens to other people, that the action ends before the estimated word count does, but it’s never happened to me before. I’m more of a throw my trust into the sky and just know that the story is going to be 20, 50, or 80 thousand words, whatever is required. And it’s normally worked. But good old Cy jumped the gun, so I went with it.

So off I go, writing dramatic scene, and it’s dramatic, and I’m loving it, and it’s really, really cool and… then the dramatic story ends without resolving half the things it’s supposed to. The Queen was even in the wrong person’s hand by the end.  Not everything was resolved, something’s weren’t fixed, and it wasn’t the end of the story.

So after half a day of wandering around the house thinking…and now what? The girl got home last night with the car so we could drive down to EB Games and pick up Guitar Hero World Tour for the Wii (don’t judge me).

And waiting for a red light, it came to me exactly why the plot wasn’t resolved, what had to happen, and how that was going to propel the next book’s plot forward.  It was brilliant (and, in my guestimation, about 8,000 words).

I can write a synopsis after the fact (It’s about a guy/girl who…does stuff) but before, it has never worked for me.  The one full synopsis I had to write out for Bright Side of Midnight not only had nothing happen from the synopsis to the page, it even changed all the main character’s names.  (Sorry, Kris).  At least the colony’s name stayed the same, because it was in the title.
Now, if I can just shove off this eighteen-pound tabby off my chest so I can write some more.

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