Cy Gets a Sex Demon


And I’m having so much fun with it.

Zombies, dude. Zombies.

Also, crack ninja skills, or the lack there of.

I still don’t know who my MC’s love interest is. He’s not supposed to be there. One second, I thought, ‘huh, I should give this character a name’ and bang! They’re a main character. I thought Vision, who was the at the time a Blond Thug. Yeah. Hijacked the next four books. Hanz his driver, in book two. Was just supposed to drive places. Hijacked series with Vision.

New series. A temp, acting all snooty. I thought, jeez, he’s too snooty. He needs a name and a bit softer personality. And now, he’s the main love interest. What’s he doing with people trying to kill him, enough money for a lawyer on retainer and the ability to light candles, I have no idea.

Gah! Never name your characters!

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