It seems I can either write, or blog about writing, but I can’t seem to do both.

But I’ve been busy.  The Cowboy anthology has been pushed back to December or January Space Escapes is available now in E-book and paperback format.  There is already talk of a sequel that will focus on Fox.  In chains.  In space.  It’s pretty much the most perfect plot outline possible.

And Studs and Spurs will be out in November!  Yay!  No page to link to yet.  😦

Oh, and I’m going to be working on a new Sidhe story, full of snark and sex-demons.  The two totally work!  I was going to be writing a Vision and Hanz piece as a short story for New Years, but that got pushed back till spring.  I still want to write it.  Vision and I share a great dislike for cold, and I want to write Vision is cold and bitchy about it story, because I can.  🙂  I’ll post it here instead.

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