New Dragon Naturally Speaking 10!

I’m quite excited.  10 comes with a wireless bluetooth headset so I can write and prowl at the same time.  I was all excited that Ronon, my super fast computer came with bluetooth already installed, because he’s the laptop I use for dictation, but when I actually pushed the button that says ‘bluetooth’ it tells me that nothing is installed.  Curse you, Acer, for dashing hopes!  Luckily I have a dongle that forces bluetooth on him.  Heh. I may have to switch my dictation software onto Teyla, however, because she’s a Dell and can be upgraded to up to 4 gigs of RAM.  I’m not saying Dragon is a RAM whore, except he totally is.  Poor Sheppard, my main laptop, has been sidelined because my wife’s computer cord has gone bad and Sheppard’s is compatible.

I’m starting to get really into BSoM, or at least I’m getting that feeling first thing in the morning that says I shouldn’t be sleeping, I should write. So I’m counting that as a good thing.  I have the beginning, set pretty much on the right spot.

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