Forgotten Favors

Forgotten Favors is done. 20,000 words of hot gay (kinky towards the end) cowboy lovin’ in Southern Alberta that is a thinly veiled Vulcan is done!

There is a real horse rescue center, on which the story is *very* loosely based, but I wasn’t going to call the town Vulcan because I didn’t want the Star Trek association, sadly. 😦 So I moved the rescue center to Sweetgrass, fifty or so klicks up the road and presto chango…fic!

In other news: My whole arm is killing me. 98% of the story was dragon spoke, which saved me to no end, but the last bit of edits had a lot of two handed edits which meant I was typing hands on the keyboard typing for about an hour and a half.

And if I could cut my arm off, I would. But apparently, I’m not allowed. Dragonspeak is still making the occasional verb agreement error (it loves the present tense more than Mr. Man loves his kibble) and if there’s any chance that a common word is also used as a product name (like Palm or House) it loves its random capitalization. And/an, in/and of/a those kind of errors are still a little too common, but seriously, for all the typos we make typing, Dragonspeak all but eliminates.

I really can’t sing its praises louder. FF is the first story I’ve done that was for the most part, directly dictated into the computer rather than hand-written then dictated, and as it’s being created sentence by sentence, it’s a lot easier to speak deliberately and watch for errors.

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