Cheap Pulse and nummy recipe

At Fictionwise

The girl has been getting home late and I’ve been getting sorer the later the day gets. So cooking dinner is never an easy thing.

A couple days ago, all we had were frozen sausage and half a daikon radish. I tossed it all in a pan, the daikon sliced in quarter inch semi-circles, threw in half an onion, some dijon mustard, capers a squirt of tomato paste, cracked open a can of cheap beer we had left over from the weekend, and let it boil for an hour. We used cost-co sausages, which were really, really lean and didn’t have to skim the fat. Though if we didn’t, I suppose the cooking liquid could have been strained and chilled. The braised daikon was sweet yumminess in quarter inch slices.

We served it over egg noodles. We meant to chop up green onions and parsley for the top, but forgot them at the last minute. Next time. It was even better the next day as leftovers.

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