Pulse! Yay!

Pulse is ready to be ordered! OMG!

Barnes and Noble has it Here! (Right now it’s 10% off)

Which means it will be up at amazon soonish, and in stores soonish. MLR has distribution at Walden Books and a lot of independent bookstores. ZOMG yay!

Arm is still sore. Writing new science fiction story. Which took the plot line that I thought and planned it to be about, took a minor secondary character that was supposed to be on screen at the very beginning and the very end, made it the main character, changed what the theme, the plot, the solution and the world it was supposed to be on, and made my main character in my head not only a minor character, but not a very good one all at once. I’m writing it out long-hand, which helps, because if I had to type it I would cry. I mean, not metaphoric tears, like, OMG, lost the last two drafts of story that was due two days ago, but actual tears running down my face.

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