Weekend? What weekend?

Coda got finished, sent off to line edits, and Pulse back from line edits was 99.9% done. It was just a matter of reading it through the last time. It should be the last time I see it before it goes to print.

Goes to print.

Pulse is going to print.


Mr. Man and I are resting my arm as I’m critiquing a friend’s novel. Yay for this post being the first time I’ve been on the computer. Well, I’m critiquing it. Mr. Man is doing his best to get most of his furry self spread over the critiqued section, the uncritiqued section and the chapter I’m reading currently. It would be a perfect moment of domestic bliss, if it isn’t for the fact that the person being critiquing is allergic to cats.

Oh, well. Life is pain. Mr. Man has been pretty happy with all the old school pen-and-paper writing I’ve been doing. So many papers covering in writing to sleep on, so little time.

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