The good news was I didn’t kill anyone…

I spent all day yesterday with the final edits to Coda. Polishing, saving as I go, catching all the little duplicate words that are the bane of me. So far, so good.

Around eleven, I saved the last changes, closed down the file so that I could attach it to my email because *$#(#*$( vista won’t let you attach an open file, and the file was gone.

Just gone. It wasn’t in recent items, it wasn’t in recent activity, it wasn’t anywhere in any folder. I even did a *.* search for any file created in the last three days making all hidden folders visible and showing every extention type. I went through and checked the temp files in the windows directory and in the temporay internet files. I opened up every attachment ever sent to me in an email for the past three months, clicked ‘open’ and ‘save as’ to see what directory it was saving or opening to, and each time I tried to recreate the temp file, it saved it exactly in the documents folder where it should have.

The document was an ex-document. So an hour into recreating the bloody thing, just as I was about to attach it again, vista did it again. I was up until three thirty, but the file was and is gone.

But I didn’t kill anyone.


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