*is ded*

But partly, it is my fault.

My birthday was three weeks ago yesterday, and when I got the green light to do a sequel, I was so excited. 50,000 words? No problem! Delivery date in three weeks? No problem in that, either.

I was so excited to have words in my head to write with once I got off the heavy pain killers, it seemed like such a little thing. But I forgot that dictating, I was actually writing it twice, once long hand and once back into the computer. And while dictating didn’t take that long, it took even longer to edit out the stoooopid dragonspeak errors. My favourite of the night had to be my bad guy’s name “Vladimir” turned into, and I swear I’m not making this up, “In sodomy of”. I think, by about page thirty, good old Dragon knew exactly where I was going with that.

I didn’t exactly get 50,000 words done, but I did get the promised 40,000 words out last night and I’ll work on the end bit today and tomorrow. But it’s good. It’s funny, and there’s a whole lot of love in it, and it has my boys being all grrr and arghy at each other, which is my favourite bit. Sadly, of all the jokes, the best bit is “wireless”.

Oh, and the funniest writing bit was in the email asking if it was ‘zokay to do 40k/10k word split, Judi wrote back one word. ‘zalright’. Clearly I have the bestest editor in the world.

I suppose you had to be there.

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