Serious yum…

I didn’t have time to do much by way of cooking today, and I hate waiting for starch to cook. So I decided to experiment.

Yummy Daikon Orzo

2 cups of chicken stock
pinch of salt if it’s the low sodium kind (oh, the irony)
2 cups peeled and grated daikon
1 cup Orzo
2 tbs horseradish
black pepper
green onions

Boil the chicken stock, add salt if using, then add Daikon. Let it boil for 2 minutes, then add orzo and horseradish. It will get thick, but keep stirring.
When the pasta is done (8-10 minutes) drain and reserve stock
Add green onions, adjust seasoning

We used the left over stock to make a white sauce to go with the veal cutlets we had dinner. With sliced cucumber and avocado dressed in apple cider vinegar and cracked black pepper, it was divine.

And also, time for another reason I love my girl:

We were in bed. I picked up the next Harry Dresden Files book.

Me: Do you think Dresden knows his hellfire runes on his staff spell out “Matrix” in Japanese katakana?
: Maybe the artist was a fan of the movies.
Me: Ooooh, Harry/Neo slash.
: No…Harry’s coat/Neo’s coat slash.

*there is love*

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