Chicken soup for scratchy throats

The girl brought back a carton of chicken stock and a bbq’ed chicken from the store. I boned it, tossed the meat in the fridge and the bones in a stock pot, added a whole onion and a whack of celery, 2 litres of water and carton of stock, and let it boil for three hours, topping the water up as needed.

Then I strained it, grated a zucchini and half a daikon, threw in half a bag of broad egg noodles, 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar and some salt and pepper, and in the last second threw in a can of chopped water chestnuts and a few splashes of hot sauce. The cold chicken from the fridge went into a bowl with the soup ladled over it, and it was so good.

I really love apple cider vinegar with chicken soup. Tomorrow we’re going to make biscuits and add a pound or so of kale to the soup. It should be even better.

Chicken soup + Torchwood = love

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