Things I have done this week

Monday: Queried the editor that has an older novel. It’s only been out since 2004. I’m taking the deafening silence to mean something, but since this time I phrased it as ‘just checking to see if the official rejection’s gone to my old email’, I thought I gave him a nice out. But still, nothing.
Tuesday: Got the edits back from the Devil you Know. Edited like a crazy person till very late Tuesday night.
Wednesday: Edited some more, got story back out to editor. It truly didn’t take that much to take a so-so story to something that I actually like the way the parts all came together, but since haven’t heard anything from that, either, I’m still waiting.
Thursday: Had about three meetings and a training session, back to back. Will try to write. Brain is both rebelling against the idea and seeing Vision knock Kane across the room for the umpteenth time as baby Kane gets his fangs. I expect that makes sense to me and about three other people.
Tomorrow: Friday! Jean Day! Day off when not feeling violently ill! Time to buckle down and write, damn it!

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