So this is 2008

Thus far, it’s good.

The girl got me Guitar Hero III for PS2, and a PS2 for the Guitar Hero III. (It’s like the Oroborus of Christmas gifts.) With the warning that she would not set it up until the story was in.

Well, the story went in at 10:40, Thursday night, and she set up up last night. After a brief miscalculation (holding the guitar upside down, thus reversing all the colours) we rocked the house with it.

Most. Awesome. Gift. Ever.

Did I mention the story being done? The Devil You Know ended up being just over 32,000 words. And since I really didn’t start it until mid-December, I vowed never to leave myself in a situation where I have to say ‘you know, if I write 5000 words a day, every day, for seven days, I’ll be done!’ again.

2007 was an excellent year, for both of us, I think. We both got amazing job upgrades, and I think I’ve found the job that pays decently, is challenging enough, and leaves me enough creative juice to write. It’s been a long time since all three of those were true, and best two out of three just wasn’t good enough. And the girl, though it takes up a lot of her time, loves hers.

I wrote a bit. In 2007 I finished three novels: Restitution, Prodigals and Pulse, combined 170,000 words, and 2 novellas, Gift of the Raven and The Devil you Know, combined total of 50,000 words.

I did two fanfics Under the Skin for SGA remix and a one off How to Make a Gold Cake for sga_flashfic.

And right now, at this very moment, I have nothing to do. I have two things that are coming out pronto, but I don’t have the edits back yet, and a novel coming out in the unknown future, but right this very second, I have absolutely nothing due and nothing to write.


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