The post in which Angela writes. For real, this time

So, I have a 35,000 word novella due October 15th. And not for spec, the contract is in the mail, accepted, signed by both parties. I’ve even signed the book plates that came in the acceptance letter. It’s my first thing that’s ever been commissioned, and naturally, I’ve been so blocked the past two months that I have barely updated my journal.

Two days ago, it all came back. The idea in my head for the story was good, but my characters were the wrong characters. My main character got bunted, I changed everything about him, the love interest, the main character’s best friend, the bad guy, the setting, the entire cast of secondary characters, and the plot, but everything feels right again.

Writing it totally awesome. We should *all* do it.

Oh, wait, we all do. 🙂

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